Of course the nearest place is the beach. During long cold winter everyone dreams of lying on the fine sand, immersing in the cool water and gazing in the immense blue. Such a delight could never be too much but active people need to experience more. For them The Golden Dunes could be the starting point for many more goals and activities other than the beach.

Speaking about activities, let’s start with the most specific feature of our location – the wind in the Devil’s Bay to which everlasting efforts we owe the formation of the dunes in front. That same wind is the main attraction for those keen on wind surf and kite. Our beach is ideal for beginners in the morning – when the sea is quiet, and for advanced in the afternoon. Please, ask at Reception for coaching lessons and equipment rental. For those who have their own we offer a secure storage room. Another idea is horse riding – there are two options in the region. Please ask at Reception.

Dunes are not the only attraction of nature in our area. At least once in their life every traveller should see how The River meets The Sea. The estuary of Dyavolska Reka (Devil’s River) which is near the hotel is beautiful and interesting, however what you really must see is the Ropotamo River Reserve – one of the most magnificent and yet most endangered protected areas in Bulgaria. There can be found numerous unique attractions of nature such as:

The estuary and bay with natural dense forestry of rare species including liana plants; sand dunes and beach; forests of Mediterranean type; the swamp of Arkutino; rock formations – Lion’s Head, The Happy Rock, steep rock and terraced coasts and narrow deep bays; St Thomas Isle (The Isle of Snakes) – a little rock island with Mediterranean vegetation, including Opuntia cactus.

Please ask at Reception for organizing routes or a boat trip down the Ropotamo River.

Each and every Golden Dunes guest has visited another attraction with a nearby location – the earliest discovered Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash. It is located in a forest land, which used to be part of the hunting residence of the communist dictator Todor Zhivkov (ruled 1954 – 1989). Therefore one of the greatest discoveries regarding the Thracian history on the southern Black Sea coast and Strandja remained unknown to science until 2003.

The most inexhaustible source of destinations, for which you will have to come back again and again is the National Nature Park of Strandja. Our less explored and most beautiful mountain with a history of thousands of years. There you would be able to enjoy attractions of nature, historical and architectural landmarks, local events, culinary discoveries and a choice of various outdoor memorable activities. Please ask at Reception for bike rental and biking routes. Read more about Strandja here.

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