Golden Dunes is an apartment hotel located in a place called Pyasaka (The Sand) – a part of the so called Devil’s Bay between Primorsko and Kiten.

Usually the most popular hotels are “first-line” hotels. Our location is even better because we don’t have any rows of hotels here. Ahead of us we have only the dunes and the sea. Behind us one can see the thick vegetation belt of the estuary of Dyavolska River (the Devil’s River). One can easily guess the name of the place not only because of the 4 kilometres of fine beach sand but also because of the “fence” of dunes alongside the beach.

Such a location, combined with the comfort of our completely furnished and equipped apartments, provides a rare opportunity for a vacation at the Black Sea side – close to nature and at the same time having all contemporary comfort.

The hotel is close to attractions such as Strandja Natural Park, Begliktash, Ropotamo Natural Reserve, etc. which can be a great source of supplements to your sea vacation.

If you happen to have enough of nature, then Primorsko is only 1 km away, just over the river estuary.